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This post on Buzz2go2 Airport Taxi Transfers and Minibus Hire the ‘Latest News’ blog follows on from last week’s news update about minibus hire for Christmas Shopping, were we highlighted 8 popular Christmas Markets in the UK to hire a minibus to get to.

Today, we are going to highlight 5 of the most popular Christmas Markets in Europe for you to consider for some fantastic Christmas Shopping. Buzz2go2 Airport Taxi Transfers and Minibus Hire operate an airport transfer and minibus hire service to Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJLA), Manchester Airport and other UK based airports to help you get to these Christmas Markets in Europe.

Buzz2Go2 Airport Taxi Transfers and Minibus Hire have a selection of vehicles to choose from, from a 4-seater people carrier for hire, 8-seater minibus for hire and a 14-seater minibus for hire for your Christmas shopping plans.

5 of the Best European based Christmas Markets

We have spent some time researching some of the best European Christmas markets for you to mull over!

1: Prague Christmas Market

Prague is the birthplace of Good Old King Wenceslas, who is the patron saint of the Czech republic, so Prague during Christmas is one of the best places to visit and is renowned for its festive spirit and the ideal place to pick up those perfect Christmas gifts.

Prague has two main markets, one is found in Wenceslas Square in Prague, with the other in the Old Town Square. You will also find smaller markets by the castle and on Kampa Island.

You will enjoy walking around the main markets during the night with the festive lights and little wooden chalets selling traditional handmade gifts such as handicrafts such as glassware, ceramics, jewellery, embroidered lace, wooden toys, scented candles, Christmas tree ornaments, hats and gloves, puppets and dolls dressed in traditional costume and not forgetting traditional sweets and food.

You’ll also find many street entertainers and fairground attractions creating a true Christmas atmosphere.

The Christmas Market runs from the 2nd December until the 6th

3: Bruges Christmas Market

During the run up to Christmas, Bruges is transformed into a magical Winter Wonderland. This beautiful medieval city, known as the ‘Venice of the North’ is one of the most fantastic setting for a Christmas market. Historic buildings and cobbled streets, canals criss-crossing the city and horse and carts offering rides to visitors all combine to make the city the perfect setting for Christmas shopping.

The main Christmas market in Bruges is in the Grote Markt. As you wander around the beautiful market stalls you will be serenaded by traditional Christmas songs via speakers situated around the market. The Market stalls forms a ring around an outside ice rink, complemented by Christmas trees and festive lights, creating a truly wonderful and atmospheric scene.

You will find yourself indulged in the many market stalls selling traditional Christmas gifts, handmade crafts, renowned Belgian chocolates and warm waffles; followed by a visit to one of the many bars and restaurants in this wonderful city.

The Christmas Market runs from the 25th November to the 2nd January.

5: Copenhagen's Christmas Market

Copenhagen is another must on city to visit during the Christmas period, it is home to some of the most spectacular European Christmas Markets on the continent, especially the ones found at the world-famous Tivoli Gardens with its spectacular lightshow and the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas market at Nytorv square, where all the stalls are tastefully decorated with thousands of Christmas lights.

No matter what market you visit in Copenhagen, it’ll be like an enchanted fairy-tale, you’ll find gifts of every type from fine handicraft items, hand-made jewellery, mirrors, wrought iron candle holders, paper-cut Christmas mobiles, clothes, beautifully knitted crafts, fine leather goods and chic Christmas decorations; along with ample traditional and local snacks, cookies, sweets, hot drinks and other beverages to sample during your in Copenhagen.

You will also come across an array of festivities, such as firework displays, fairground attractions, music, dance and other to soak up the Christmas atmosphere.

The different Christmas Markets run from the 10th November until the 23rd December.

2: Dresden Christmas Market

Dresden’s Christmas Market (known locally as Striezelmarkt) is Germany’s oldest Christmas Market, dating back to 1434. The main Christmas market is located in the city centre in Altmarkt Square, however it is surrounded by several themed Christmas Markets.

The main Christmas Market is surreal and authentic. You will find every type of present here, from real traditional handmade crafts from around the region such as Christmas pyramids, indigo-dyed printed textile products, smoking figures and candleholders, pottery, gingerbread, blown glass tree decorations, filigree lace products, traditional Advent stars and of course specialities from Dresden itself. As you walk around you see carvers, glass-blowers and bakers in action at the crafts market.

The main attractions of the Christmas Market are the world’s tallest Christmas pyramid, 14 metres in height and the world’s biggest nut cracker. The culinary attraction of the market, however, is the Dresden Christstollen, originally known as ‘Striezel’, which accounts for the market’s name.

The Christmas Market runs from the 26th November until the 24th December.

4: Amsterdam Christmas Market

Home to 20 Christmas markets throughout the city, Amsterdam has got to be on anyone’s list of places to visit during the festival period. It outdoes most other European Christmas Markets for the vast amount of choices on offer.

Festive cheer will be ample when visiting any of the different Christmas markets scattered around the city and its outskirts. You’ll find stalls offering every type of handmade gifts, souvenirs, designers brands as you explore this historic city.

If you do decide on going to Amsterdam for a long weekend break over the Christmas period, then you need to head over to the Christmas market in Haarlem, just outside of Amsterdam. It is the most famous of all the Christmas markets in The Netherlands. You will find over 300 stalls set up around the central square of the ‘Grote Markt’. The runs over two days, on Saturday the 9th of December and Sunday the 10th of December.

Well there you go, based on our research, we have just highlighted 5 of the best Christmas Markets in Europe to visit during the run-up to Christmas day. No matter where you go you will find presents for everyone, taste some of the most fantastic local and traditional foods and ample variants of mulled wine and other local beverages.

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